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  • Real estate contracts, deeds and agreements (apartments, shops and businesses, plots, agricultural lands, premises).
    • Representing buyers and sellers of "second hand" apartments and assets.
    • Representing in transactions of "first hand" apartments from a contractor.
    • Buying and selling real estates with consideration or without consideration (gifting).
    • Hereditament, heritage.
    • Israel-Land-Authority, housing companies as Amidar, Halamish, etc.
    • Assignment and licensing of rights in Israel authorities.
    • Registering rights in Land Registration and Settlment of Right Department (Tabu).
    • Register concurrent real estate co-ownerships, tenancy in common, unity of possession, condominiums & cooperatives, joint tenancy, tenancy by the entirety, trusts, land trusts.
    • Real estate ownership by business entities.
    • Representing in Israel authorities for governmental issues.
    • Israeli Corporation Authority.
  • Estate Planning.
    • Liferent (10 or more years).
    • Easements.
    • Profit and lost account.
    • Loan modification.
    • Bank Mortgages.
    • Contract and deeds for residence or for business purposes.
    • Requests for real estate transaction approval for a minor/anonymous.
    • Allegiances.
    • Receiving orders.
    • Receives.
    • Managing real and personal assets.
    • Contract of discontinuing real estate co-ownership.
    • Co-ownership treaty.
    • Abolish co-ownerships.
    • Expropriation.
  • Tax aspects.
    • Real estate taxation managing, Israel Tax Authorities of Customs & Vat.
    • Governmental issues.
    • Tax aspects of real estates.
    • Mas-Shevach personal tax and self assessment.
    • Appellate tax appeals.
    • Betterment tax.
    • Business assets- VAT aspects.
    • Annuity, rate.
  • Representing in courts for real estate matters.

In real estate transactions, we take care of:

Assist the client in the whole transaction process, examining and checking all the comprehensive legal rights, how and where they are written (Land Registry and Settlement of Rights Department, a housing company, the Israel Lands Authority, et cetera) and complete registration of rights.

Examining aspects of taxation (tax avoidance or minimizing) - which type of tax exempt can be used, if any, and which one of the types should be used from the available. If a certain tax is expected- calculation and estimation of the tax, consulting the client, including the influence of transaction timing, the impact of selling additional assets in the past or in present, and considerations alike. Checking whether betterment tax may apply in the transaction, at the local committee from the Ministry of Interior.

Preparation of the contract, negotiations with the other party of the contract, as well as constant consultation and assistance from the beggining to the end of transaction.

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